Our History


July 27, 1974

LAFGC initially begins with the instruction of Pastor Choi, Ja Shil.


January 19, 1975 

LAFGC's first worship service begins with Sr. Pastor Joshua Park at 1250 Belleve Ave. Los Angeles, CA with 35 constituents as Full Gospel Bethel Church.


May 19, 1975 

LAFGC's name changes from Full Gospel Bethel Church to Full Gospel Los Angeles Church.


March 2, 1976

Elder session begins with Pastor Yong Gi Cho as the interim moderator.


November 4, 1979

LAFGC moves to 101 N. Vermont Los Angeles CA 90004.


January 3, 1982 

LAFGC begins two services: first service starting at 10 am, and second service starting at 12 pm.


February 24, 1985 

LAFGC celebrates its 10th anniversary. Pastor Sung Su Kim is installed as the Sr. Pastor.


October 12, 1986 

Week-long memorial service is held at the new Prayer Retreat Center.


June 9, 1989 

The church acquired 126 acres of land for the Prayer Retreat Center.


January 15, 1990 

Church begins 100 days of prayer for a new church building.


August 19, 1990 

Congregation votes to acquire 1750 N. Edgemont St. Los Angeles, CA 90027.


September 8, 1990 

Church moves and has installation service for the new church building.


February 26, 1995 

LAFGC celebrates its 20th anniversary.


June 1, 1995

James Kim JDSN becomes the English Ministry Pastor.


September 30, 1995 

James Kim JDSN resigns as the English Ministry Pastor.


October 7, 2001

Sr. Pastor resigns, and Sr. pastor Tae Kun Lee begins.


August 24, 2003 

Pastor Charles Choi becomes the EM pastor.


February 27, 2005

LAFGC celebrates its 30th anniversary.


May 8, 2005

Sr. Pastor Tae Kun Lee resigns.


July 17, 2005 

Sr. Pastor Young Hoon Lee becomes the new Sr. Pastor.


November 30, 2006 

Sr. Pastor Young Hoon Lee becomes the new Sr. Pastor at Yoido Full Gospel Church.


March 11, 2007 

Sr. Pastor Yu Chul Chin becomes the new Sr. Pastor.


Summer of 2008 

LAFGC's English Ministry (EM) sends out four teams for short-term missions in Nepal, North Korea, India, and the Philippines.


January 2010

Pastor Charles Choi resigns from CRC.


May 2010

Pastor Henry Lee becomes the CRC head pastor.


Summer 2010

CRC joins the EM youth on the mission trip to Arizona.


Summer 2011

CRC sends out two mission teams to Bolivia and India.


april 2018

Pastor Henry Lee resigns from CRC.

Summer 2012-2018

CRC sends out a mission team to Thailand.

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